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Cleaners + Toners
Cleansers & Toners

The first step in everyone's morning routine - cleansing and toning - to awaken your natural glow and prepare the skin for a layer of moisturizing.

Exfoliants + Masks
Exfoliants &  Masks

Once or twice a week, treat yourself to a home spa treatment appropriate for your skin type.  These products will reveal softer and smoother skin.

Serums & Moisturizers

Serums are layered underneath your daily moisturizer for an added boost of moisture, and to treat specific concerns.

Ampoules are super-concentrated serums that are either layered under other products or can be added as a "boost" to other products.

Biostimulins (or biostimulants) are plant-based stems cells which stimulate cellular renewal.


Make your skin glow all over with Dr. Janka's body lotions.

Targeted Solutions
Targeted Solutions

Dr. Janka's targeted solutions address a spectrum of specific concerns for all skin types.

Men Too
Especially For Men

All of Dr. Janka's product can be used by men who want to look their best, however, we specifically recommend the following products. Lavakos is a light refreshing gel cleanser, the Hydronorm Tonic won't sting or dry out the skin, and Soft Crème is especially good for irritation from razor burn and in-grown hair. Don't forget to care for the skin around your eyes with Sensi-Contur Biostimulin Eye Creme. Finish off your daily routine with the Tradition Biogel Afterhave moisturizer, which smells amazing.

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