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Dr. Jana Laboratoire
Kaye Beaumont is the exclusive  North American distributor of Dr. Janka products*
Dr. Renier Janka, creator of  "biostimulin cosmetics"

The Janka family has specialized in making plant-based skin care products since the 18th century. Today, the Dr. Renier Janka Laboratoire carries on production and research.

Ultra-modern lab with its roots in tradition 

In 2000, Dr. Reiner Janka began a partnership with a French lab to share his scientific knowledge and values, in order to ensure the future of the brand.

Located in the south of France, the high-tech Dr. Renier Janka Laboratoire fully complies with French quality, safety and hygiene standards. Formulas are regularly updated in accordance with the European Cosmetic Directive. Each product is dermatologically-tested and never involves animal testing. All products are entirely made and packaged in France.

*The sale of Dr. Reiner Janka corrective cosmetic line is exclusively reserved to aesthetics professionals, aestheticians and kératothérapeutes®.

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