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Soft Crème

Soft Crème


An emollient and oxygenating crème that promotes the natural exfoliation of dead cells and impurities of the epidermis.


Soothing and re-balancing crème for skin that's very dry, sensitive, prone to flaking, and damaged by extreme sun or cold. Particularly suitable for the care of damaged skin on the hands and feet. Also prepares the epidermis for hair removal by releasing hair under skin. Also excellent for men who shave everyday and want to calm irritation.


The exfoliating and soothing nature of this product makes it a must-have for pre- and post-waxing. 


Dermatologically tested. Made in France.


60 ml.

Apply on the face and/or body any time.


Use once a day for a week before waxing for maximum exfoliation.

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