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Vitamin C Forte

Vitamin C Forte


Moisturizes the skin and restores a radiant, healthy glow. This light, naturally moisturizing lotion helps stimulate microcirculation. This in turn helps promote more efficient toxin elimination, resulting in a noticeable radiance to the skin. Vitamin C Forte may help minimize pigmentation.


Enriched with a Vitamin complex that gives clarity and brightness to the skin to help stimulate collagen synthesis, fight free radicals, and strengthen the skin's immune system. Rich in hydrating oligio, CoQ10, softening honey enzymes, and moisturizing wheat germ oil.


Excellent for normal, dry, and sensitive skin types. Ideal for tired, dry, sun-damaged, or devitalized skin with no healthy glow; for skin lacking in tone and hydration.


1 oz

Keep refrigerated for best results. Apply a small amount to clean face and neck in the morning and at night.

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