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Glycolic Face & Body Cleanser

Glycolic Face & Body Cleanser


This deep cleansing, oil-free, face and body cleanser contains multi-fruit acids to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells, plus green tea to soothe and hydrate.


Glycolic acid from cane sugar is the same ingredient used in peels, but our cleanser uses a lower concentration, making it safe for every day use (with the use of sun screen). Glycolic acid helps reduce the depth of acne scarring, purifies, and regulates sebum production of all skin types.


Additional benefits include: prevention of ingrown hairs and blemishes, lightening and resurfacing of pigmentation caused by over-exposure to the sun.

200 ml.

For face and body.


When used on a regular basis, be sure to apply daily sunscreen to face and body afterwards.

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